Great to play my first larp since coming back from Sweden, courtesy of Adam James, who’s running them every fortnight at the Proud Archivist, an amazing space in Hoxton.

It’s a great concept.  A dozen strangers suddenly find themselves in an eerie place, and they quickly realise they might be dead.  A sinister figure offers tickets to various otherworldly destinations, some desirable, some less so.  The characters must engage with their own mortality and with the unknown fates that await them.  The venue, as I’ve said, is pretty fantastic, and the execution by Adam, helped by Cat and Will, was excellent.

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Larps I’ve Been Discovering


Last night I spent yet another couple of hours trawling through larp documentation.  I feel like such a larp nerd, but I can’t help it!  I get all excited when I read about these and just want to play …

Limbo as staged in a vintage tram

Limbo … I’m excited to be playing this on Sunday with Adam James, who’s doing a great job of promoting larp in London.  The idea is that all the characters are hovering between life and death, in a kind of existential ‘waiting room’.  Some of them will die, I suppose, and some return to life.  Reminds me of Spirited Away.  This is just my idea of what fantasy ought to be about.  Continue reading