Before and After Silence

The Tin Tabernacle was the perfect venue for a larp based on silence

The Tin Tabernacle was the perfect venue for a larp based on silence

Yesterday was the first time I’d run a larp properly, and I must say that I couldn’t be happier with how it went.

Before and After Silence 

This larp was written by Fredrik Hossmann, who co-designed with Matthijs Holter, and has been run several times since its creation in April 2012. You can find details here, and in the Larps from the Factory book.

This is quite an unusual and innovative larp, as it’s played almost completely in silence.  Each of the characters is inhabiting a different reality or ‘setting’.  For example, one of them might be the captain of a ship at sea, another a prostitute on a street corner, a third a soul looking for its parents, and so on. Each character sees the others through this setting. Continue reading


The Larp O’ the Irish


… my apologies for that appalling pun.  But I grew up there so I can get away with it.

Another reason I can get away with it is that it’s my lovely sister Carla who is bringing the gift of larp to Limerick, which happens to be European City of Culture for 2014.

The financial crisis has hit the city of Limerick hard, as elsewhere in Ireland.  One good consequence of this is that artists’ studios pop up in peculiar places – a former city centre Benetton store, for example.  An enlightened local government policy allows landlords property tax exemptions if they allow artists to use spaces.  Low rents and Ireland’s still-generous welfare system have also contributed to a mini-renaissance of Irish art.

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