Larparama Hits Lewes – April 11th



Adam James, Keane and I are running a one-day mini festival of larp in Lewes on Saturday April 11th. The program features larps from Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden.


1.00 Arrive, orientation, sign-up

1.30 Choose ONE from three options:

BEGINNING. An amazing abstract larp from Denmark in which you play a blind creature evolving in an unknown environment. Ideal if you enjoy movement, dance, self-exploration. 12 players.

FALLEN STARS. Powerfully moving Norwegian larp about old, unwanted objects in the flea market … tell the story of how things were in your heyday, when you were new and loved … before fashions changed, you got too old and tatty, and fell out of favour. Existential questions of ageing and death. 12 players.

THE TRIBUNAL. A legendary Finnish larp about justice and political intrigue set in a corrupt military. A crime has been committed, but the defendants are probably innocent. How will you testify? 12 players.

Each larp will be preceded by a workshop and followed by a debrief discussion. The larp itself lasts about 60-75 minutes.

6.30 Food, relax, gather in main room.

7.30 – 11.00 Club Felis: the Nightclub for Cats.
You’re so wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully pretty ..

The cats of Lewes are out to play. There are Arty cats, New Age cats, Bonfire cats, elegant house cats and rough cats from the docks. And Fat Cat property developers, hoping to make a quick buck. Whether you play nice or nasty, make sure to bring along your inner cat. Dance to the ScatCat band, drink White Russians from a saucer, and get off your little cat face with illegal catnip. Whatever shenanigans go down in the course of the evening, Club Felis will inevitably end, as it always does, with a mass chorus of Lovecats.

Club Felis is a new concept for a party – where you don’t just put on a costume, but play a character. Face-painting included.

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