White Death, Slow Burn – and some thoughts on debriefing


In August I played a run of White Death by Nina Runa Essendrop and Simon Steen Hansen.  It was put on in Limerick by  Carla Burns, a conceptual artist who has been exploring larp over the past couple of years and who also happens to be my sister.

The first thing that surprised me was just how much preparatory work had gone into the event.  We had a fantastic setting, in the Ormston House gallery.  Players had received bursaries to cover travel expenses, and the entire gallery had been cleared for the larp.  The walls had been painted very subtly with graphic forms that reflected Carla’s visualization, and there was an off-game area with sofas, larp publications and some drawings that Carla had done of people from the Nordic larp community.

White Death is a non-verbal larp that has been run many times before.  The story involves a group of people who decide to set out into the mountains to found a utopian community of some kind.  Gradually, however, they all succumb to the elements and die.  As they do so, they transform into ‘White Ones’, benevolent spirits, free of human limitations. Continue reading